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Special Programs

FirePower Kids Homeschool Physical Education Program CAD$150Purchase required to enroll

We know you are committed to the development - both intellectual and physical - of your students… let us help! We’re FirePower Kids and we specialize in kids' fitness. We will be combining both CrossFit Kids and CirqueKids curriculum, where we teach kids of all ages how fitness can be fun! CrossFit Kids features skills challenges and obstacle courses where kids will push, pull, run, throw, lift, climb and jump. CirqueKids programming teaches skills such as wire walking, rola bola, aerials, stilt walking, juggling and acrobatics. [Ages 4 - 13]

Family Workout Series CAD$149Purchase required to enroll

A 6 week class where parents and kids can workout together. Children must be 8 years of age or older to participate. No previous CrossFit experience required.

Please bring a water bottle, running shoes, athletic clothing and your smile!